Basic Handgun Orientation and Gun Laws

Class Dates:

June 28, 2024

Class Times:

9:00 am

Class Location:

TMP Firearms Training & Self Defense

The Basic Handgun Orientation class is designed for the Beginner/Novice shooter with little to no firearm experience, for the individual that needs a refresher course or for the person that just wants to learn about firearms and how to be safe around them. This is a one-day course full of vital information about firearms that covers a multitude of subjects. At the conclusion of the course the instructor will take the students to a local gun range and teach them how to shoot using good fundamentals to prepare them for Self Defense.  In addition to this class, Tina has now added a section to the curriculum that will cover the new South Carolina Permitless Carry Laws, South Carolina Gun Laws including reciprocity and the Use of Deadly Force.

Student objectives:
• Safety
• Storage and Locking Devices
• Nomenclature of a Revolver
• Nomenclature of a Semi-automatic Pistol
• Cycle of Operation
• Ammunition
• Care and Maintenance of Firearms
• Firearm Manipulation
• Shooting Fundamentals
• Live Fire

This course is taught by Tina Perrone who is a retired Connecticut State Trooper with 29 years of Law Enforcement Experience and has been a certified Law Enforcement, NRA and Sig Sauer Firearms instructor for over 12+ years.

Classroom Instruction is about 4-5 hours long. Live-fire range time varies depending on the students’ shooting skills.

Students will need to provide the following:

Firearm (semi-automatic pistol or revolver) and Magazines
Hearing and Eye Protection
50 Rounds of Ammunition
Proper carry method to Classroom/Range
Hydration and lunch

Gun and ammunition available upon request for an added fee of $15.00.

Cost: $100.00

*****Note: It is highly recommended to take this course prior to the CWP class if the student has no/limited pistol/revolver experience. *****



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Instructor: Tina Perrone

  • TMP Firearms Training & Self Defense
  • 4135 Pageland St
  • Conway
  • South Carolina
  • 29526

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