Realtor Safety

Class Description

The goal of the REALTOR Safety class is to reduce the number of safety incidents that occur in the industry. During this discussion realtors will learn how to keep themselves safe in their environment, look for potential threats, identify suspicious behavior, prepare themselves for fight or fight, recognize different personal protection tools to utilize for their safety and success and understand how fear affects the body’s response to scary situation. This block of instruction is approximately 1-2 hour long and will include a Power Point presentation.

The curriculum will cover the following topics:

  • Planning
  • Client Interaction
  • Resources
  • Safety Plans
  • Situational Awareness
  • Personal Protection Tools
  • Don’t be a victim
  • Understanding fear
  • Self-defense and firearm safety

Currently, there are no Real Estate Safety classes scheduled. Please contact Tina Perrone at (203) 228-7621 if you are interested in a private lesson on this topic.

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